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Infrastructure & Energy Alternatives (IEA)

Infrastructure & Energy Alternatives (IEA)

Website :
Location Westchester, IL
Company Founded : 2011
Employees : 900
Total Megawatts Installed / last year : 400 / 71
Primary Service / Primary Market : EPC / Utility

More information about the Infrastructure & Energy Alternatives (IEA) company:

The IEA family of companies provides full engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services for utility scale solar projects throughout North America. Services include financial analysis and procurement, site planning, site civil work, foundation and racking system design and installation, underground cabling, substation and interconnection, auxiliary buildings, materials handling, and logistics. The IEA solar team specializes in designing and developing utility-scale solar power projects with high-energy yield and utilizes proprietary cost saving construction techniques to maximize client’s return on investment. IEA is the parent company for White Construction Inc., HB White Canada Corporation, IEA Renewable Energy and IEA Engineering.

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