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Revolve Solar

Revolve Solar

Website :
Location Austin, TX
Company Founded : 2012
Employees : 100
Total Megawatts Installed / last year : 3 / 2.2
Primary Service / Primary Market : Rooftop Contractor / Residential

More information about the Revolve Solar company:

Revolve Solar, founded by CEO Tim Padden, makes going solar easy and affordable. It assists interested, qualifying candidates take the next step in energy evolution by using local and federal incentives to install solar PV on the rooftops of their homes and small businesses. More PV in our communities means lower utility bills, stronger electrical grids and a cleaner environment. To Revolve Solar, a secure energy future means placing more energy choices in the hands of people — homeowners and business owners who see the value in reducing their dependency on polluting energy sources and enjoying the multitude of benefits that go along with using true renewable energy sources. It hires locally, to build the local solar community.

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