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Website :
Location Sacramento, CA
Company Founded : 2009
Employees : 47
Total Megawatts Installed / last year : 193 / 75
Primary Service / Primary Market : EPC / Utility

More information about the Arraycon company:

For over a decade, the members of Arraycon have been dedicated to improving the methods used in construction of solar energy plants around the world. With over 120 MW of installation in the USA and Canada, Arraycon has proudly built up unparalleled experience with driven-pile foundations, electrical and mechanical installations, and construction management of large-scale solar farms. Arraycon founder, Rick Lavezzo, is an industry leader that has led the evolution of our solar industry with his experience totaling over 600 MW of installation around the world. Beginning in the late 90’s as the CEO of Team Solar, he later merged with SunEdison and built the first large scale utility plant before leading the expansion of SE into construction in Europe. Today, Arraycon continues to find new and inventive ways to enhance the solar industry.

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