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PermaCity Solar (PermaCity Construction)

PermaCity Solar (PermaCity Construction)

Website :
Location Los Angeles, CA
Company Founded : 2003
Employees : 15
Total Megawatts Installed / last year : 32 / 3.5
Primary Service / Primary Market : Rooftop Contractor / Commercial

More information about the PermaCity Solar (PermaCity Construction) company:

PermaCity Solar is a Premier solar company. Based in Los Angeles, PermaCIty has designed, and is now building LA's largest and California's third largest roof-top installation, a 5.1MW, hybrid NEM and FiT array. PermaCity-invented technology has been utilized on 35 Costco's including their 3.5MW distribution center. Clients include, but not limited to: LAUSD, SMMUSD, YMCA, SC AQMD, Forever 21, Felina and American Apparel. PermaCity-invented Solar-Strap is revolutionizing solar racking.

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